Turnkey Lumber

Specialized in Turnkey Material and Install Packages

Framing - Siding - Roofing - Windows - Doors - Finishes - AVB - EWP

Large type 3 A projects

Medford Mews - Millcreek Residential

Complete Turnkey Project, material and labor.

Hopkington Mews - Millcreek Residential

Multiple towhomes and 4 story bulidings, Complete Turnkey Project material and labor.

Portsmonth NH

4 story on top of a garage - complete Turnkey Project, Material and Labor

Complete 3d design and pre-construction

We design every single stick of lumber before we price your job, our design team work close to our estimating and pre-construction department to have all the work done before we build.


Over the years Turnkey Lumber has build over 600 units to Fairfield


Over the years Turnkey Lumber has build over 1000 Units to Pilot Construction


Over the years Turnkey Lumber has build 300 units to Reskon Group


Our North East Division serves from NY to Maine

Our Florida Division will serve the Entire state of Florida

Turnkey Lumber North East Serves from NY to Vermont, Our Florida division is located an hour from Tampa and can Serve the Entire State of Florida