Turnkey Frame is a solution. It’s a process. A better way. Turnkey Lumber’s Pre-cut package is a hybrid system of ensuring a better frame. Providing components to expedite your stick frame onsite labor, and providing superior control.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pre-cut?

Pre-cut is the ability to cut all the different components of a wall in a controlled environment. It is a component package, with the framer performing assembly of the parts on site. Labeling of the wall plates based upon computer controlled designs, pre-assembling of door and window structural openings, pre-cutting and assembly of the corners, trimmer, tees. Pre-cutting of all studs. Providing all loose lumber for the carpentry scope. Providing project management from a lumber supplier standpoint to have control of logistics, framing schedule, and quality of assembly.

Who uses Turnkey Frame?

Who benefits the most from a Turnkey Lumber Pre-CUT package? Everyone…

End User — this home will be their biggest financial investment

Developer — accuracy and quality is the hallmark of a great community

GC/CM — control of schedule, increased profitability, and quality control

Framer — less manpower needed, quality control, framing speed

How do you buy Turnkey Frame?

You can purchase Turnkey Frame by contacting a Turnkey sales representative…

Randy Duquette
National Sales Representative

How is Turnkey Frame delivered?

Turnkey Frame is delivered in Full Units, Full Trucks, and Job quantities with a Turnkey touch — managed by our project management/logistics team.

What are the benefits of Turnkey Frame?

The benefits are many. Comparing our unique package to stick framing costs and procedures, is simply not a fair comparison. Our thorough pre-construction process debugs the plans, ensuring all dimensions will work. Coordinates all the MEPs and FP.

Drives the decision making on the doors and window packages. Coordinate RFIs and submittals. Ensures truss systems and wall systems work in unison for a better structural package.