Panelizing is a form of framing that utilizes today’s technologies to expedite the build schedule, improve the end product, provide a controlled logistics plan, and promote efficiency with top-notch quality control. Your good name and reputation, as well as ours, is determined by the quality of the product Turnkey Lumber delivers to you.

Direct Benefits

The developer, general contractor, and construction manager save both time and money with improved quality, efficiency, and control. Complete wall components are built by Turnkey Lumber under quality- and climate-controlled conditions. Computerized cutting and marking provide better detailing, improving durability and air-tightness.

This exacting process results in:

  • Improved quality product
  • Built 40% faster than site built structures
  • Faster occupancy
  • Enhanced Design Flexibility
  • Coordination of roof, wall, and floor systems to ensure load path is achieved
  • 3-d Modeling – as the site work is happening at the project location, Turnkey Lumber is already hard at work building the project with our state-of-the-art computer software, ensuring all the dimensions work, posting of loads are achieved, door/windows are sized properly, and coordination of plumbing, and hvac are superimposed into the layouts.
  • Value-added service that upholds our motto – Build It as if you are going to live there.

Risk Management

Construction is a risk/reward process. Turnkey Lumber’s unique proprietary process reduces your risk with measurable reward benefits. Give us a foundation and we will give you a proven partner to construct your project.

Panelized wall systems simplify site management resulting in:

  • Fewer on-site crew
  • Faster construction
  • Less weather influence
  • Logistics control
  • Fewer dumpsters — greater profits or less carrying costs for the GC/CM in general conditions
  • Theft control — it is very difficult to walk away with a 20-foot wall panel
  • Command of frame schedule — Ability to lock in licensed trades such as plumbing, electrical, fire protection, and HVAC by having control of the carpentry schedule

Turnkey Lumbers Panelized Wall System is committed to:

  • Quality, safety, and customer satisfaction
  • Guaranteed pricing and delivery
  • 24/7 communication with logistics control through a dedicated project management team